At The Recreation Academy we specialize in facilitating a wide variety of extraordinary programs. Our years of combined experience in the business, child care, & recreation industries coupled with the use of state of the art technology helps us provide our clients with the guidance & support to build amazing programs, that blow their competitors out of the water. The services we offer vary in accordance with our client's needs. Want us to create, structure, staff and recruit customers for new programs at your facilities? NO. PROBLEM. Just want help improving your existing program offering's quality, variety, registration process, risk management, or online presence? NO. PROBLEM


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The best part? We don't charge our partners any type of upfront fee. We only succeed when you do.

Program Development

Helping you use your space as best you can. Taking things like availability, equipment and location into account. 

Design & Implementation

Working together to create programs that interest participants and give them a branded, professional appearance.

Customer Communications

We use state of the art software to manage registration information, process payments, and keep participants informed. 


Providing honest, concise answers to all the questions you have to help develop profitable, impactful and lasting programs. 


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