What it is. How it works. Why it's important.

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The purpose of the ranking system is to push participants to become lifelong learners and help them conquer new skills. We focus on things like communicating effectively, problem solving, asking for help, valuing perspective, and more! Our goal is to teach Cadets important lessons about working well with others and pushing their own limitations. We believe that this is a fundamental part of being successful in today's society.  



Advancing is simple. To move forward, within the levels of a rank, Cadets complete a series of soft skill development tasks. They're given opportunities to do so during each week long program. To achieve a higher overall rank Cadets are required to attend six plus weeks of programming or return the year after to practice and learn more.

Parents should expect a shift in the way their child thinks and acts. We encourage participants to take our lessons home and apply them in world outside of the academy. You can also expect discounts on our different birthday party and special event packages as your Cadet continues through the program.

Cadets will learn new skills that will help them moving forward in life. In addition to this there are of course the parties! Each year we will have at least one party to honor and congratulate the different ranks, during which we will provide the entertainment, food, and drinks.