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What does it mean to be a Cadet?

What is The Recreation Academy? 

Most parents struggle to find youth programs they can feel good about enrolling their child in. At The Recreation Academy, our unique structure, fantastic staff, and engaging activities combine to create an environment that promotes lifelong learning through fun and games. Every session offers a pathway to unforgettable memories, fosters personal growth, and cultivates lasting friendships, setting the stage for your child to build confidence through soft skill development. Simply put, we are fun experts. 


The programs we design always have three main priorities.


1. Keeping participants safe.

2. Making sure each session is as fun as possible.

3. Helping participants learn and grow through play.    

What makes us different? 

MORE THAN JUST A KID'S PROGRAM. At The Recreation Academy we're focused on helping create an environment that allows kids to learn in a productive and hands on way. By using thought provoking debriefs after each activity we aim to encourage the growth of participant soft skills.   

What are soft skills?

Non-technical, interpersonal, and personal attributes that enable individuals to interact effectively with others and succeed in various aspects of life. They include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, empathy, and many others.

Our programs help improve these skills by creating a structured and engaging environment where children can practice and develop these abilities while having fun. Through activities and games, participants learn how to communicate effectively with their peers, collaborate in teams, adapt to different situations, show empathy, and value others' perspectives. By providing opportunities for real-life application, our programs enable children to strengthen these skills and carry them into their daily lives.

What is debriefing?

A process of reflection and discussion that occurs during and after an activity or experience. It involves participants sharing their thoughts, feelings, and observations about what happened and how they feel we could improve things moving forward.  


Our Mission


To help participants develop soft skills while they play and have fun! 

What Drives Us Forward

Ambition. Our business is to provide recreation programming opportunities, but our goal is to also be the best at it. 

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Lindbergh School District - St. Louis, MO Partner

Fox C-6 School District -

St. Louis, MO Partner

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Our Next Steps:

  1. Bringing new, exciting activities into our current partner locations.

  2. Developing relationships with new locations and instructors.

How We Measure Success 

Happy clients, staff and participants. The point of The Recreation Academy's existence is to teach people how to have fun. We hold this core value true for everyone that is involved with our programs.   

Our staff are out of this world! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for extra pictures & content about our instructors! Click the button below to view more information on our team.


Mehlville School District -

St. Louis, MO Partner

THIS. COULD. BE. YOU! - Partner Program


We are currently looking to establish new partner locations. Click the button below to learn more about partnering with us.

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