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What does it mean to be a Cadet?

​​What is The Recreation Academy? 

We are fun experts and programming engineers. Our personalized program structuring, reliable support, and years of combined experience set us apart in the after school, summer camp, and special event coordination spaces. The youth, family, and adult only programs we put together are of the highest quality, guaranteed. 

Why people are choosing to work with us. -  3 Words


Quality. We're dedicated to creating exceptional programs. The goal is to make a lasting impression on participants while teaching them skills that they can take home with them. How to communicate more effectively, what it means to be a team player, and more are all possible topics of conversation. Everything is a learning experience and we aim to help our Cadets understand this.        

Simplicity. With custom built programs, our clients needs are our forte. We handle as many or as few of the details of your programs as you want us to. Things like: 

  • Recording Program Registrations

  • Staffing & Supervising Instructors

  • Event Specific Logistics Including Staffing 

  • Equipment Needs Assessments

  • Communicating with Parents & Staff Members

  • Accepting Payments Securely & allowing payment plans

  • Providing an Online & Social Media Presence 

  • Program Development - Structure, cost, capacity, logistics, etc.

  • Troubleshooting Current & Future Program Structuring Issues



Profitability. You've got the space, we've got the knowledge. We'll help your company create multiple new revenue streams with no upfront expense to you, which means we only succeed when you do. The best part? We provide the staff, materials, and everything needed to make your program a success.  


Our Mission


To make high quality, educational, leisure based programs available to people all over.

What Drives Us Forward

Ambition. Our business is to provide recreation programming opportunities, but our goal is to also be the best at it. 

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Lindbergh School District - St. Louis, MO Partner

Fox C-6 School District -

St. Louis, MO Partner

Fox Logo - outline SR.png

Our Next Steps:

  1. Bringing new, exciting activities into our current partner locations.

  2. Developing relationships with new locations and instructors.

How We Measure Success 

Happy clients, staff and participants. The point of The Recreation Academy's existence is to teach people how to have fun. We hold this core value true for everyone that is involved with our programs.   

Our staff are out of this world! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for extra pictures & content about our instructors! Click the button below to view more information on our team.


Mehlville School District -

St. Louis, MO Partner

THIS. COULD. BE. YOU! - Partner Program


We are currently looking to establish new partner locations. Click the button below to learn more about partnering with us.

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