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Make Friends

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Work With Others 

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Create Memories

How it works Why it's important

All Recreation Academy participants are considered 'Cadets.' As a Cadet, you are held to higher standards of behavior, sportsmanship, and a strong commitment to personal growth. In essence, we've found that fostering this type of environment leads to a more enriching experience for everyone involved.

Our philosophy is put into practice through straightforward methods, which have proven themselves time and time again. We establish clear expectations right from the start, treat everyone with respect, seamlessly integrate participant feedback into our activities, and encourage all Cadets to learn and grow from their experiences, both positive and challenging. Our focus is on how we collaborate rather than just individual accomplishments.

To elevate this commitment, we are dedicated to fostering 'Upward Spirals' in our Cadets. By participating in our sessions, participants are able to cultivate confidence, self-esteem, and a host of other positive attributes that create a ripple effect. These personal developments not only enhance the overall experience, but also can serve as a contributing factor to better grades in school, improved problem-solving skills, and a foundation for lifelong success.

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To clarify, we won't remove a Cadet from a program for messing up or having some fun. We understand that making mistakes is a natural part of being a kid and growing up. Our staff always encourages Cadets to embrace their uniqueness and their playful side while prioritizing safety. This also means knowing when to be serious and follow instructions. If safety concerns ever arise that could affect the well-being of the group, we may need to take appropriate action for the benefit of all participants.

The Cadet Program serves as a means to incorporate team building, leadership development, and the improvement of soft skills into the very essence of everything we do. Using a blend of engaging activities and thoughtful reflection to explore various aspects of communication, problem-solving, and so much more!

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