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Extreme Sports & Games 

Want a camp they can't get enough of? This is it! Gaga Ball, Foam Tipped Archery & More.

Ages 5 - 12

Extreme Sports & Games

Want a camp they can’t get enough of? This is it! Gaga Ball, 9-Square In The Air, Foam Tipped Archery, Kickball, Dodgeball, Water Wars, and so much more. During this awesome camp, participants will be separated into appropriate age groups, and activities will change every 30-60 minutes. This program is structured to keep your child engaged, learning, and having fun throughout.

Lindbergh Basketball Clinic Pic.jpg

FUNdamentals Sports Sampler

Basketball, Wiffle Ball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and Flag Football. Do we really need to say more?

Ages 7 - 12

FUNdamentals Camp

Basketball, Wiffle Ball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and Flag Football. With so many great options, why settle for just one? In this program, you don’t have to! Calling all Student Athletes, Sports Fans, and those interested in finding a fun new hobby—play different mini-games, learn new drills, and more, with a different sport featured every hour of this fantastic camp.

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Drone Racing 101

Ready to become a Drone Pilot? Learn all about UAVs in this awesome STEM-Based camp!

Ages 7 - 12

Drone Racing 101 

Become a drone pilot in this awesome program! Learn how to fly a DWI Quad Rotor Drone, design creative courses to race each other through, learn about the many uses of drones, practice working together to accomplish flight-based tasks and more! This camp is half drone racing and half active, movement-based games


Playground Games 

We're bringing back all the classics in this sure to be a hit half day camp! 

Ages 5 - 12

Playground Games Camp

Get ready for endless fun with games like Kickball, Flag Tag, as well as Mini Games in both Soccer and Football, alongside Relay Races and Free Play, offering something for everyone. Perfect for kids of all ages, this program keeps things exciting by switching up activities every 30-60 minutes, ensuring that every day is full of new challenges and opportunities to make friends and learn new skills



Calling all student athletes and future NBA stars. The perfect program for beginner and intermediate athletes.

Ages 7 - 12

Basketball Camp

Calling all student athletes and future NBA stars: The Rec Academy is putting the “FUN” back in FUNdamentals! From dribbling and shooting to defense and more, learn the drills, skills, and techniques that will elevate your basketball game—all while having a blast. Every day is designed with a unique focus to strengthen your game.

Flag Football at Kirkwood Park Pic.jpg

Flag Football 

Interested in learning football in a fun environment that promotes learning and teamwork? 

Ages 7 - 12

Flag Football Camp

Start your child's NFL journey today—register now for a week of fun at Flag Football Camp! Experienced Recreation Academy staff will lead dynamic games, skill drills, and friendly competitions. From perfecting passes to honing defensive prowess, each day promises a fresh focus. Highlights include an agility-testing Mini Combine, a precision-focused Pass-Punt-Kick Contest, and heart-pounding live gameplay scrimmages. Join the flag football revolution, leaving with enhanced skills and a deeper love for the game.

Current Program Offerings 
current camps
How it works

The Recreation Academy is extremely proud of the quality of programs we put together. Our camps have been praised by parents and campers alike as some of the best experiences they've ever had at summer camp. Learn more about the atmosphere we seek to create and what makes our camps unique by visiting The Cadet Program page!

How it works:  ​

  • We partner with fantastic local organizations that are seeking to host half or full day camps. 

  • We handle participant sign ups through our registration system. (Optional) This allows us to create detailed descriptions of our camps complete with pictures and program outlines, take payments, and communicate with parents.

  • Our area program manager will create marketing materials for your camps (Flyers, Social Media Posts / Ads, Pop-Up Events, etc.)

  • Our experienced and background checked staff come in and facilitate all programs! We aim to keep a 1:14, or better, staff to participant ratio. 

  • Sessions normally run a total of 5 days, but custom session lengths are available.

  • After Care services can be arranged if requested, for an additional fee. (Optional)


  •  During facilitation, activities change every 30 - 60 minutes, regardless of the program, helping us keep participants interested and engaged while they're with us.

  • All activity sessions are discussed afterwards to add educational value. Staff are taught to ask participants thought provoking questions aimed at making them think, develop problem solving skills and learn from mistakes.

Ready to become a partner?

Learn more about setting up programs at your facility. View a copy of our current program guide, including full descriptions, pricing info, and logistics details, for all camps, by visiting our "Programs" web page.

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