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Mobile Field Trips

How it works

Do you have an upcoming event or party at your school, church, private club, etc.?

Let us bring the fun to you! Our Mobile Field Trips are the perfect way to take the hassle out of entertaining your group. We bring staff to explain games, all needed equipment, & take care of setting up everything. We can comfortably handle up to 40 - 60 kids at a time, depending on how many activities we have set up.

Available Activities 

  • Giant Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit (Can hold 20 - 30 people.)


  • Foam Tipped Archery (10 Bows, 4 Targets, 3 - 4 Arrows per person, per round.)


  • 9-Square In The Air (Can hold 15 - 20 people.)


  • Flag or (Pool) Noodle Tag (Great for large groups.)


  • Parachute Games (Perfect for younger groups.)


  • Tug of War! (20 - 40 people can play at the same time.)



1 Hour + 1 or 2 Activity Stations = $375.00

2 Hours + 2 or 3 Activity Stations = $675.00

3 Hours + 4 or 5 Activity Stations = $950.00


Each Additional Hour = +$250.00


*Schedule multiple hour long sessions to reduce your overall cost per participant! 

*Use your own staff to manage activity stations to reduce your overall cost!

Learn More Now!

View a copy of our current program guide, including full descriptions, pricing info, and logistics details, for all After School Clubs, by submitting the form found on our "Programs" web page. Click the button to be redirected there now.

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