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Get Paid To Have Fun!  -

 Join The Rec Academy Team


After School Club Instructors

Kickball, Dodgeball, Gaga Ball, & more. 2-hour sessions, once per week for 6 weeks total.

Day Camp Counselors

Half Day, 3-hour, week-long programs specifically designed to keep kids engaged.

Sports Clinic & Camp Coaches

Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Handball, and more. Become a Rec Academy Pro!

Special Event Hosts

Kid's Night Out Sessions, Birthday Parties, Mobile Field Trips & more.

Instructor Job Description

Staff needed for after school clubs, school break camps, sports clinics, kid's night out events, and more.

Have fun while you get paid! As a Recreation Academy Instructor, you'll have the opportunity to work with children at schools, rec centers, parks, and more. Teaching participants how to play games, learn new skills and grow from their experiences during your sessions; empowering kids to become lifelong learners. 


All staff are responsible for:

  • Participant management and supervision

  • Effective communication with coworkers and supervisors

  • Procuring supplies and planning activities prior to sessions

  • Traveling (you get to choose where you go!)

  • Leading games and activities while promoting a learning environment

  • Understanding debriefing and facilitating educational discussions

  • Interacting with parents during drop-offs and pick-ups

  • Providing constructive feedback 

  • Completing daily session summaries

  • Knowing when to ask for help

Please note that staff members work independently with groups of varying sizes, depending on the program. For instance, at a camp, each group will have up to 14 children before another instructor is assigned. In contrast, at a Dodgeball after-school club, which has shorter sessions and simpler logistics, a single instructor will oversee up to 18 participants.

What We Do:

After School Clubs - Kickball, Dodgeball, Gaga Ball, 9-Square In The Air, Domino Mega Builders (STEAM Program), Drone Racing 101, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Minecraft, & Foam Tipped Archery. (90-minute sessions, ranging from 6 - 20 participants at a time, depending on the type of program.)


Camps - Summer, Winter, & Spring Day Camps. (3 - 6 hour sessions using different combinations of our popular activities, ranging from 6 - 14 participants.)


Sport's Clinics - Basketball, Flag Football, & Wiffle Ball. (1 - 2 hour sessions, ranging from 6 - 20 participants)


Events / Private Bookings - Games and activities for things like birthday parties, Parent's Night Out Events, and more. (1 - 3 hour sessions)


Scheduling: Completely flexible scheduling structure you decide when / where you work and what you teach. All positions are part time and shifts are awarded on a first come first served basis via our staff portal's employee shift registration link. Full time availability during the summer months.


Pay Range: Base pay for staff is $18 / hr. Applicants will earn an additional $1 / hr for meeting each these requirements:

  • Valid CPR / First Aid Certification. (+$1 / hr)

  • 3+ Years of applicable experience at a youth organization. (+$1 / hr)

*All Recreation Academy instructor positions are part time by nature and staff are brought on as Independent 1099 Contractors. This means that: 1.) We will not withhold taxes from your pay. 2.) Our organization does not provide Workman's Comp insurance or unemployment benefits. 3.) By working with us you agree that you have your own health insurance and will cover any unexpected injuries that may occur while performing the duties of your job.


**Every Recreation Academy Employee must submit to a criminal background check and is required to complete mandated reporter training for the state they live in, both are free of charge.**

How it works
Decide When
& Where You Work.

We partner with local organizations to host our programs. Once the minimum number of participants is reached we'll upload it to our list of available shifts and send out an all staff email. 

If you're interested in leading a session, you'll register and assume responsibility for the facilitation of that program.

Make a Plan for your session.

After signing up to lead a session instructors visit our online resource portal to help them fill out their Plan Of Action form. 

This form tell us how you plan to structure the session you're leading and allows our leadership team to provide feedback. 

Once the plan is approved, you'll set a time to pick up your equipment. 

Facilitate, Return Supplies & Get Paid!

After facilitating all of your program's sessions you'll set up a time to return your equipment with an Area Manager and submit a payment request via our Staff Portal. 

Apply Now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Where will I be working?

The Rec Academy is not a brick and mortar location. We partner with School Districts, Rec Centers, Park Districts, and more to bring our awesome variety of programs to people all over the community. 

2.) What training will I receive? 

Staff will be trained on how to properly facilitate and structure the programs they're running, our approach to child development, and how to set sessions up for success (All instructors must have prior experience working with kids in a group setting and will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge.) 

3.) Will I be working with anyone else?

Maybe. It depends on the type of program you're facilitating and how many participants are signed up. After School Instructors for example almost always work independently because the session lengths are shorter and have a smaller max capacity per program while summer camp staff typically work in pairs.

5.) How does shift scheduling work?

You decide the schedule! All of our available shifts, for each location, are uploaded into a first come, first serve style sign up system. There are many types of programs you can sign up for, each has a different time commitment. Take a look at your schedule and plan to work when you're free. Miss out on a session you really wanted to lead? No problem, we're constantly adding more! 

7.) What are Staff not allowed to do? 

  • Make participants feel uncomfortable.

  • Discuss Race, Politics, Sexual Orientation, or anything else not camp appropriate. 

  • Wear clothing that is too revealing. 

  • Come to work unprepared. 

  • Have poor hygiene habits

  • Fail to communicate with supervisors regularly.

  • Contact participants outside of Rec Academy sponsored events.  

4.) How much & how often do I get paid? 

Pay rates vary by location and are determined by a few things: your experience level, certifications, how long you've worked with us, and overall ability. Staff are paid after completion of their first two programs and then transition to a monthly schedule.

6.) What's the most important thing to know about working for The Recreation Academy?

This job is not for everyone. Instructors are hired on as Independent Contractors and are expected to bring both professionalism and predetermined skill set to the table with them. You should know how to: communicate with your supervisors, get a group's attention without just yelling at them, have fun, front-load & debrief an activity, and promote a healthy atmosphere while facilitating.

8.) What are Staff expected to do?

  • Ask for help when they need it! 

  • Gather participant feedback while facilitating.

  • Over Communicate. 

  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes before your shift starts so as to not get stuck in drop off / pick up lines.

  • Pick up and return supplies needed for each session. 

  • Create a Plan of Action for every session you're leading. 

  • Use the instructor resources we provide. 

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